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A Local Information System for Scotland (ALISS)

Funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by the ALLIANCE, ALISS aims to make information about local sources of support more findable.

ALISS is innovative and unique - it has been designed by and developed with people with long term conditions and professionals from multiple sectors involved in signposting people to support, and offers not only a technology solution but a means of communities working together to gather, maintain and share information.

An important part of helping people live well with their condition is enabling them to manage their own health. Self Management is a person centred approach to better health and wellbeing, providing the tools, activities and information people need to manage their condition effectively and live a full life. To be confident and successful in self management, people require support and advice. Self Management support is usually provided close to home, sometimes by people who have been through similar experiences. You’ll often find good examples of support on your community centre or library notice board. It can be difficult to find relevant information online. This is where ALISS can help.

What is ALISS?

The main focus of the ALISS project is to make information about local sources of support more findable.

It can sometimes be difficult to find relevant local information on the web. Most current system have their own web sites, databases, online directories and lists of services. This means there is duplication of information that makes it difficult to keep up to date. It’s also a great effort to find and include less visible services. The ALISS project takes a different approach. We don’t intend to replace organisations websites or online materials, or reinvent anything. We’re not building another website. A key part of the ALISS project has been the development of the ALISS Engine which will link up currently available online local information and encourage new contributions to make a richer set of information about local self management support in Scotland openly available to all.

The contributions of the ALLIANCE members, health professionals and those living with long term conditions are welcome and we invite you to contribute your ideas and share your knowledge of any local services/organisations that you would like to highlight, to help support people living with long-term conditions.

For more information about ALISS visit / Twitter @alissproject


contact our Programme Administrator Lorna Prentice.
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