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Who is the service for?
Early Years (0-5)
What age range is it suitable for?
0 - 1


188 Pleasance, EDINBURGH, EH8 9RT
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WEDNESDAY: 11:30am - 12:45pm / 1:15pm - 2:30pm


What is Baby Massage

The Baby Massage course at the PPC teaches simple ways of massaging your baby while meeting other parents in a relaxing setting. It is a non-invasive way to promote your baby’s healthy growth and development, and encourages bonding and trust between parent and baby.

How will it benefit my baby?

Massage for babies is very safe, effective and gentle. You will learn simple techniques that may help your baby in a number of ways:

- Helps with baby’s sleep
- It is a relaxing way to help calm your baby
- It is a wonderful way to bond with your baby through gentle touch and stroking
- Babies and parents enjoy it!

How will it benefit me / my partner?

As a new parent, you will gain confidence in how to massage your baby to promote calm, and ease any discomfort. This is a skill that will remain valuable throughout their childhood. Massage is of great value even if your child is free of illness – it will help to keep them healthy, calm and connected.

This is also a great opportunity for new parents not just to bond with their baby but also to meet other parents of new babies, to make friends and share experiences. All of our sessions include time for parents to have a cup of tea and get to know one another.

What to expect

The Massage course is run over 6 weeks on Wednesdays from either from 11:30am - 12:45pm or 1:15pm - 2:30pm. The timings shown include the refreshment time with tea and biscuits provided.

The sessions are relaxed and friendly. Each session begins with some refreshments, introductions and chat, and time for everyone to make themselves and their baby comfortable. It’s absolutely fine if you need to feed or change your baby at any time during the session.

Massage oil will be provided along with handouts describing the techniques, both of which you can take away.

You will be taught to give your baby Massage yourself, so that the techniques you learn can be continued at home if you wish. Tammy, will teach you a routine for massaging your baby by demonstrating with a doll, as well as talking you through the movements. Each class will introduce a specific treatment to practise as well as an opportunity to revise other techniques learned in the previous class.

Classes are fun, relaxed and aim to always give you the chance to ask any questions about any specific questions or worries, so please do ask.

More Information and How to Book

Babies can receive Massage from the day they are born however we recommend they join the sessions after 6 weeks of age and it’s easier to learn to massage your baby before they crawl. Twins are very welcome along with another adult, or Tammy is also happy to work with one of your babies (swapping regularly). Groups are small (8/9 adults with babies) so you can get to know other parents and babies on the course and also receive the one-to-one assistance from Tammy.

The cost is £45 for this course (concessions available) which handouts so you can practice at home, oils and refreshments after the massage part of the session is finished. Tammy will offer you a hot drink and our delicious PPC biscuits with time to chat with the others in your group around a facilitated discussion with Tammy. We have concessions for all of our sessions so please get in touch if this cost feels prohibitive.

Please email or Facebook message us to book your place.

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