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Who is the service for?
Women, Ante-Natal, Men
What age range is it suitable for?
17 - 25, 26 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54


188 Pleasance, EDINBURGH, EH8 9RT
0131 667 3043


SATURDAY: 10:00am - 4:30pm
SUNDAY: 10:00am - 4:30pm


What is an Active Birth Workshop?

So many fathers-to-be or birth partners have told us that they are worried that they won’t know what to do during labour, or how to support their partner. Our Active Birth Workshop aims to show both pregnant women and their birth companions useful and practical ways that can help with labour and birth.

The workshop provides time to explore how the labouring woman might want to move, position herself and breathe, and how her birth partner can make that easier and more comfortable for her. Women and their birth partners are shown practical ‘tools’ for working with pain in labour including touch, movement and massage.

The facilitators draw upon well respected research and knowledge about birth and discuss a range of approaches to meet the intensity of labour, using simple equipment available to all, such as birth balls, pillows and chairs.

How will the workshop benefit me and my birth partner?

The Active Birth Workshop is particularly valuable for women and partners planning or considering as straight forward a birth as possible. Many women are worried that they might not be able to cope with the intensity of labour and many partners are worried that they will find this very difficult. The aim of the day is to help everyone feel more positive about birth and confident in their abilities to cope with labour.

Our facilitator is a highly experienced and knowledgeable birth educator/Active Birth Teacher, having worked with women and their birth partners for many years.

What to Expect

The workshop, which is designed for women and their birth partners, takes place over a whole day, from 10:00am until 4:30pm either on a Saturday or Sunday. This includes a break for lunch (which is not provided). Tea, coffee, water and biscuits will be available throughout the workshop.

Groups are kept to a maximum of five couples, and have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The day is loosely structured, but is kept flexible to ensure there is plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

All are welcome. Women come with male and/or female birth partners, mothers, sisters, friends and doulas.

Women and their birth partners are welcome at any stage in their pregnancy but often come between 30-38 weeks of their pregnancies so they have time to think about what they have learned during the day.

Next workshop dates:

- 13th December 2020
- Register interest in 2021 courses by emailing our office with your name, contact telephone number and estimated due date.


We operate our Active Birth Workshops on a donation system because the Pregnancy and Parents Centre is a not-for-profit charity. The suggested donation is £85 per couple. However, all our classes have concessionary rates and this is the same for the donation system. Please contact us about this if you need to know more. We also welcome women with 2 birth partners and the suggested donation for 3 people is £100

To book a space or to find out future dates, please email us or call us on 0131 229 3667.

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