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Who is the service for?
Young People (16-25), Adults, Older People
What age range is it suitable for?
17 - 25, 26 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65+


MONDAY: 24/7
FRIDAY: 24/7
SUNDAY: 24/7


The Free-Phone Helpline receives over 10,000 calls a year and is available 24 hours a day.

Trained staff and volunteers give emotional support and work with callers towards reducing feelings of distress.

At the Centre we believe people have strengths and can develop ways to deal with crisis. People using the Service are the experts in their own lives and staff are led by what the crisis means to them. Staff will support the caller to identify strategies they may already have to help them with the crisis and to develop a short-term crisis plan identifying informal support and local community based formal support.

Where unmet needs are identified staff and volunteers will signpost callers to relevant community and statutory services. It is important to know staff at the Crisis Centre will not recommend services but provide information to assist the caller to make informed choices. Everyone using the Crisis Centre is encouraged to share their crisis plan with carers, friends and professionals working with them.

How long can I speak to someone over the phone for?

There is no restriction on the time you can speak on the free phone number for. You may occasionally hear a few beeps on the line, this happens when another person is trying to get through. The answer machine will pick up the message and another member of staff will retrieve it from a different phone and reply to their call.

We don’t define crisis and are led by what the crisis means to the individual person at that time.

Emotional Support...

We can support you to deal with difficult feelings or thoughts you may be experiencing during a time of crisis. This could include:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Panic attacks
- Thought of Self Harming
- Thoughts about Suicide
- Hearing voices
- Bereavement

Practical Support...

We can support you to find ways of getting help to deal with the causes of the crisis you are facing. This could include:

- Accessing information and specialist advice about welfare benefits and debt
- Accessing Housing information services including homelessness services
- Finding help with relationship difficulties
- Accessing information and advice about substance misuse

And we can help you to:

- Find out about your rights and accessing Independent Advocacy and collective Advocacy in Edinburgh
- Finding out about Carers organisations


We are an inclusive service and offer support to all people. We have developed extensive resources with information for people who may have specific needs relating to culture, disability, gender, race and sexuality. This includes:

- BME (Black and Minority Ethnic)
- Disabled people
- Men
- Women
- Young People

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